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Insurance Company Assistance
Every auto accident is inconvenient and frustrating. Because we see them regularly, we can assist in minimizing your inconvenience and your frustrations. This is particularly true when you have an insurance claim. We work with all insurance companies and know the procedures they use to verify damages to create your repair estimate.   Do not let the Insurance company steer you to one of the discount shops.  You can choose who will repair the damage to your vehicle.  You are not required by law to obtain more than one estimate or appraisal.  If you do receive more than one estimate, realize that differences in auto repair estimates are common. A lower estimate may not include all the necessary work. If you’re not sure why one estimate is different from another you’ve received, please ask us.

AUTO body 

repair & painting

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Auto Collision Repair and Painting
Our talented Santos Garage Auto Body repair specialists have years of experience and have the best equipment to complete every type of collision repair.  Whether you are involved in a major collision or minor fender bender, we offer a variety of auto body repair services to meet your needs, including: 

- Free Estimates
- Collision Repair
- Mechanical repairs
- Dent and Scratch Removal
- Frame and Unibody Repair
- Structural Damage
- Painting and Refreshing
- Color Matching