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Amy W.                                                          02.01.18

I called AAA because my car wouldn't start last night. Chris was prompt and professional. Although he was able to diagnose the problem, he was unable to help as my starter was dead and he could not gain access to it. He offered to drive me to someone's house to borrow their car. I was able to make it to work today thanks to Chris!   

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Natasha P.                                                      02.15.18              

We met the most amazing and professional gentleman tonight who took the time to be exceptionally kind to my kids-explaining everything about loading our car up. Love meeting people like him, and you guys should be proud he works for you.   




Susan N.                                                        03.01.18

On Feb 28, Greg responded to a call I'd placed through MINI Roadside service. I'd managed to 'limp' my car to my driveway, but the 2 blown tires would get me no further. Greg responded very quickly. My car needed flat-bed transportation to the Mini dealer in Boston. I'm so very glad Greg responded. He is a true professional: he inspected the car to ensure I was aware of all the visible problems and had my car heading to Boston very quickly. He is a credit to your staff and the way your company deals with problems and with customers who are not as calm as they otherwise might be. Kudos to Greg! 

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Dianes S.                                                       02.28.18

Yesterday February 27, 2018 I was visiting a friend in Franklin Ma and when I was getting ready to travel home I discovered I had a flat tire. I phoned AAA for road side service and not 10 minutes later a Santos Garage Truck driven by Chris D. was backing up along side my car to help me with the flat tire. Chris was very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. In 10 minutes my spare was on and Chris had already put the bad tire in the trunk. He made it a point to check inside the wheel well for anything unusual because I had reported to him 2 previous flats on that same tire. Chris you were extremely easy to deal with, you are a professional in every sense. The Santos owners should be very glad to have you as part of their road side tech crew. Thanks so much.


Jeff O.                                                          03.04.18

Junior was fantastic! I would highly recommend Santos to anybody in need.                         


Brian K.                                                           02.21.18

This evening I got off the Commuter Rail at Forge Park to discover my lights had been left on all day and my battery was dead as a door nail. Called AAA and within 15 minutes Jake S. had my hood open and gave me the jump I needed to get home in time for dinner. Jake was totally professional ,eager to please, and very friendly. I was very impressed with his attitude. He's a great representative for this company and his bosses should be proud to have him in their employ! I would recommend Santos Garage to anyone.                   


Dave B​.                                                        1.13.18

They showed up when they said they would.
They towed the car to the dealer for repairs.


Priscilla B​.                                                     01.22.18

​         Last week you responded to a AAA call for a dead battery. Your worker Chris charged it and suggested a new battery as I had no idea how old it was. He was very professional and helpful. Due to a problem out of your control, getting a battery, you were finally able to obtain on today. I was told someone would be here by 5 p.m. At 4:15 the phone rang, and I was told they were outside. Chris and Abram tested the battery and put the new one in. He also noticed the donut on the front tire, and checked the flat in the trunk and thought you could probably plug it and put back on the car. I will definitely come to Milford and have the tire looked at and it use Santos for any further car problems. I am very impressed with the service I received and would recommend your shop to anyone looking for auto service. Thank You!


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